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Apophis' Journal

Only the insight the inside brings....

30 September
I am republican,a strong republican. I like to practice the arts of shooting and fighting. I enjoy reading as well as playing video games with my free time. I enjoy Biking and pretty much any physical activity, but i am not without going on the computer with my time at night. I love to listen to music, my favorite music comes from Linkin Park, Rammstein, Adema, Elvis Presley of course, Beethoven and Johny Cash. I am a severe critic about everything, no matter what it is, or how much it is loved by everyone, even me, i will find a way to pick it to pieces without actually realising it. I know the ending to a movie by the end of the 3rd scene. I like good horror movies,(if there is such a thing)most comedies, and i like action flicks like everyone else. Having lived in that wretched, socialist backwater, Rhode Island my whole life,(which, i might add, IS much like a horror movie) I find it annoying having bigoted teachers and students and such going around trying to convince everyone that "global warming" is going to end the earth becouse of Americans using technology that isn't made before fire. I am 50% portueguese, 20% English, 20% Scottish, and 10% Irish, but all American. i have recently taken up the hobby of writing as well as drawing with my free time. i have an example of some poetry down below.

King or Queen, Pope or Knight,
Each lies equal in my sight;
Judge, Lawer, Doctor, Fool,
None escapes Apophis' Rule;
"The silence will end-the Sun approaches.
Mark my word-the Shadow encroaches.
The Present has passed-the Past has gone
The Future will come-once Two become One"
The Sun must look the Shadow in the Eye
Then forfeit their Lies lest one Half die.
The Lesion of Darkness cannot be healed
Until the Whole is with Children's Blood sealed.
All information lies within-
Where the Past is Dead, and the Future's no Grin
Only the Insight the Inside brings
These are the words of Apophis' writings