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Ninja Gaiden - Papercut

Sorry...i just love this game so much.

Regards To MLK's Speeches

            After re-hearing Martin Luther King's best speeches, i find it annoying that people still talk about Obama being the first black president in America like he were the God-sent savior of our pitiful, short, underlived lives. Im fine with him being african-american, but its been mentioned. we don't need to hear it anymore like there was some significance to it. Aside from that, i just really do hope he is as good as people think. Stepping away from Obama, i REALLY find it annoying that poor people are still holding out their open hands expecting more charity. Obama is living proof that anybody can make lemonade with lemons. Now we all have our lemons, and everybody can make their lemonade. I have virtually no remorse for those stupid enough to drink the lemonade after they made it, and become poor for that short-term, good tasting moment. The smart man will sell their lemonade once it's made and make more money to buy more lemons, from which they will continue to sell their lemonade and become rich. Those who have made their choice to drink it themselves are now stuck in this rut, and they can either find another lemon tree and make money from it's lemons, or ask passers-by to give them their lemons. That is what i find pitiful, because most of those people will sit on a street begging. Notice in all of those speeches that MLK made demanding equality and harmony between whites, blacks, yellows, purples whatever, he did not EVER beg for handouts. In fact he did just the opposite and stood up for his nation and his people, actually doing something, rallying people together and joining black people, and white people in hands against what we really need to fear: Ninjas. (lol  sorry just thought i'd toss in a joke to lighten the mood) stupid joke aside, this junk i hear on the news about Obama being the first african-american president being "one of the greatest moments in history" is as dumb, stupid, ediotic, rediculous, ludacris, mental, and dimb-witted as me becoming the leader of camals. He will either be good, or bad. him being black has nothing to do with it. And what i feel is very ironic right now is that as i'm typing this up on my livejouranl, right now as i speak i am being messaged like crazy by one person i met on X-Box Live who is begging me to help them in Gears of War 2. If you are reading this right now, i will say this only once more: I DONT HAVE GEARS 2, I CAN'T HELP YOU!! SHUT UP AND PLEASE STOP BOTHERING ME!

This one has some meaning to me, especially ever since my older brother has enlisted himself into the Army. The show BoB i think should be watched by every American,Jewish,German,Russian,European,Asian,Australian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuegueze, Northern Southern, Greek, English, Scottish, or Irish family on the continent and every other family on the planet who can bare to live and breath the words Patriotism. The show is sad, it is bloody, it is surprising, it is justified. But most of all, it is true. Band of Brothers is important to every family in the world because it is based on a war that effected every family in the world; World War II. Both my great Grandfather and my grandfather faught in The Great World War, and we learned from him for years, until he finally got alzhiemers. I never met my Great grand dad, but from my Gandfather, i used to very much enjoy constantly listening to him tell stories from his experiances( whether in WWII or his old High School bully stories) and learning from his wisdom. i feel bad that i am actually talking about him as if he were already gone....
Just watch the music video, then watch the show, and then question the way you think about war in every possible manner, because whether you believe war is good or bad, war is innevitable, and war is neccassary. Enjoy the MV

Holiday's Season's Greetings

 Hey everybody, its your friend Apophis. i'd just like to say its been good posting on this sight, even if almost nobody sees it, its worth it for you few. you happy few. and for those happy few, i'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas this year, and i would also like to note that it is my one year anniversery on Livejournal this Saturday, and im planning on doing something special for it. i will take requests.....from anybody who is actually reading this (har har). so, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa....and for those of you Athiasts....uh... happy......there-is-no-god day? anyway, thats all i really wanted to say.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight,

p.s. on second thought, for those of you athiasts, instead of worshipping no god, u could worship me if u wanted :-). i am a peaceful god! who says u have to be egyptian to worship an egyptian god! i could start a new city...call it Lycopolis, or City of Wolves. i will rule with peace and civility, infalibility and true stability! I...WOULD BE.......GOD!!!!

Get a good look? good, 'cuz thats how i felt after i found out that an M1 Garand costs roughly $1000, so i am unable to afford such a gun, and then this is how i felt after i was told it's a possibility i will get a .22 of my choice for Christmas:
i am open to suggestions, so please let me know what you think is the best .22 rifle in the market that is affordable.

Ryu vs Mirage Ryu

i forgot that i had this video. i made this video a long time ago when my friend joey and i were playing Ninja Gaiden on every difficulty, and i decided to tape my first encounter with the Mirage Ryu (Fiend Ryu in America). i dont remember which one was playing at this time but we were both pretty much equilly good at the game. i hope you enjoy :-)

The Ghost and the Darkness

          Three days ago, i have had the most intense video game fight of my life. Now i know what your thinking, so if your saying "Apophis, how can a video game be intense? It's not like your in any real danger.", then all i have to say is im going to video tape another sniper battle with this other person in order to show you, but i must warn you, and implore you to stray far from that video if you are the weak of heart, because this other person is amazing. I was playing Call of Duty 4 on X-Box live, on a 1 on 1 scenario, we are both snipers. Nither of us had headsets on at the time, so enither of us could hear the other speaking, or breathing. I was using a Barret .50 cal., a semi-automatic sniper rifle with high power, and he was using an R700, a bolt action rifle with good accuracy. We played on the map known as crossfire, i was the Marine corps. and he was the british SAS. This man was amazingly swift, like a ninja almost. He never, not once, even stepped foot in the same place twice. Like a ghost, he traveled from one edge of the map, to another. i have nicknamed him the ghost, because of the way he slipped through anywhere possible, sniping at any point. He was fast, pin point, and deadly, so much so he reminded me of my brother (sun_stealer). In fact, he killed me thrice before i knew which way was up. he had gotten 70 points before i got my first point. But, i knew my brother taught me well in sniping. And my father in surviving. I have an unusual stratagy. most snipers move after each kill or two. i almost never relocate. the way i snipe is i snipe from a spot you wont know where you are being fired at from, because i dont miss, because i dont fire until i know i wont. this stratagy is also my downfall, for once someone finds out where i am, i am forced to move or i will be shot. for this, i later heard the other person call me "the Shadow" for the way i am unseeable, nie invisable. however, the ghost was using a stratagy i have never yet encountered. he didnt just fire and relocate. he fired while on the move. he sprints, lays down behind a table, fires, sprints into another place and fires from there. no, he didnt even do that, he fired while sprinting at times. he was amazing. his sniping points were random, unfortold. but i had faith in my skills. im a deathly good shot, and i have a steel hand. the score was 87 to 53 at about halfway point. i was the underdog, and he was the wolf, stalking my every move. there were 2:00 minutes left. i was plugging headshots, but he kept moving, and shooting. before i knew it, the score was 97-95 (3 points to each kill, 5 points to every headshot) and there were only 12 seconds on the clock. he was ahead, and we were niether of us behind any sort of cover. i was on the 3rd floor of one building, at one point on the map, and he on the 4th, all the way across. we both knew where we were. we both of us, were in plain sight. both standing. both aiming down our scopes. the difference between us was his crosshairs were directly on my head....and mine 2 feet above his. i felt his finger on his trigger. i ducked and immediatly, at the exact same time to the milisecond, he fired. the shot just barely whizzed above my head and hit the plaster wall behind me. i fired the very second he did, and hit him square right between the eyes. all of this happened before the clock hit 11 seconds. Through my scope i saw the enemy sniper fall limp, 2 miles away, off the side of the wrecked building. i leaned, relieved, back into my chair. he was a very, no, extremly good player who played an excellent game, and had i not ducked his bullet would have strayed true right down my scope. i had better reflexes and accuracy, but just barely. i took a breath, grabbed my headset, and stated "well played.....Ghost".

Weapons of Choice

Oh hoorah!! my 50th journal entry! This calls for celibration! hmm.... where is sun-stealer at this time, if you are watching, break out the champaigne! In weigh of this event, i shall talk about what i enjoy most: weapons! (and also i believe i just invented a new phrase, "in weigh of things").

Say you are in the military, and money was not an issue, which weapons would u bring along with u? iv got all of my favorites, but because i love so many weapons, im going to have to give my choices of weapons for each position i would b in. If you read this, please let me know what ur favorites are and let me see a picture of it as well. thank you.

Front Lines, City:

G36C, Magic Wolf Custum

The G36C Magic Wolf Custum: fit with an ACOG (Advance Combat Optical Gunsight), reduced recoil, shorter barrel, smaller carrying handle, and a stock that has most of the metal removed for lighter weight and better manouverability. Holds 30 rounds per magizene. This weapon would be my choice  in a city, this weapon excells with medium range combat. It does do because its lightweight, accurate, powerful, and efficient. for further research, i recomend going to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G36C#Variants to find out more about the G36C varient.

USP .45

The USP .45: A heavy duty .45 sidearm. This weapon has so much firepower that if you are shot, even with bullet proof armor, it would still break your ribs. This weapon holds a 7 round capacity, and is somewhat heavy, but makes up for it in availability and firepower. It is a simple weapon, and as i and my brother always say, "The more complex the gun, the more likely it is to fail". It is very useful to have in close quraters, or if you happen to run out of ammo.

Military Combat Knife
The Military Grade Carbon Steel Combat Knife: I would never go anywhere without a knife, not even with what the military says about the weight of the knife could be another clip of ammo. At least with a knife, one, u dont run out of ammo, and two, i wont be captured alive. The carbon steel variation of a knife is more endurable than a normal metal because it allows it to bend ever slo slightly, but relieving stress from the blade, never-the-less the black color of the carbon steel will also keep off shine, so an enemy will not see it if you are trying not to get shot (which god hopes you are). The carbon steel will also keep the blade sharper for long long periods of time. So, in other words, dont leave home without it.

Frontlines, Indoors:


The MP5SD3: An SMG (sub-machine gun) developped in Germany. This stripped down SD3 varient is integrated with a supresser and a laser sight, specifically for "lone-wolf" ops (operations consisting of only one man in a mission) but is also useful with squad missions. The weapon is accurate, with high rate of fire, but if your looking for firepower, this is not the weapon for you. This weapon has a 20 round capacity (somewhat small) and is very lightweight, due to its tiny size. The weapon is very useful in close quarters.


USP-CT .45 sidearm: This handgun is on the top of my list when it comes to sidearms because it is small, lightweight, and powerful. having a .45 sized bullet, this weapon will put u out of the fight, no matter where you are shot. The weapon is also fitted with a laser sighting for extra accuracy. The grip on the handle will make sure you do not lose control of this firearm, even though it has a huge kickback. The USP-CT (compact tactical, or nicknamed the "counter terrorist") varient is a good weapon in close quarters if you are unlucky enough to run out of ammo with your main weapon. And also note that the compact tactical is not compatible with any sort of supressor. This weapon holds a 7 round capacity per clip.

Cold Steel Tactical Knife

Tactical Fixed Blade Knife: This knife gets its name because it is just a simple, long knife that has no complications added to it. it is useful in a situation where you are trying to sneek in somewhere or are trying to be quite, because a foldable knife or otherwise complex knife would make noise when you unsheath it. This plain and simple knife really gets "to the point" (har har). Again, the black color of this blade will disallow shine (but no, it is not made of carbon steel).

Front Lines, Wooded Area:


The M16A4 Combat Assault Rifle: A newer version of the M16A2, now the standard weapon for the Marine Corps. while the Army uses M4s, the M16A4 is a highly accurate, devistating firepowered, grenade attachable rifle that is lightweight and has the option of 3 round burst-fire and fully-auto firing capability. Due to its lighter weight, in the woods this weapon would be very useful for ambushing, as well as infiltrating. The weapon features the 3 round would be very well suited for one-shot,one-kill situations, while the fully-automatic feature would be useful for fighting a crowd. Holds a clip of 60 rounds.

M1911 .45

The Colt .45 M1911 pistol: the side arm of choice during World War II, this weapon's simplicity still keeps it in my favorites. Holds 7 .45 rounds, packs the punch, but would not go through modern armor. Although its large size, the weapon is surprisingly lightweight. And in the woods, i would want as little weight on me as possible, for best manouvering. You never know when you are going to be ambushed.

WB Combat Knife

The WB Camo-Knife: another simple knife, simply made for cutting. It would be useful in the woulds, or if the enemy is too close, Its triangular shape would allow it to slip easily into the neck of an unsuspecting enemy. 'Nuff said.

And My Favorite:
Sniping, Any Enviorment:

M107 Barret .50 cal.

The M107 Barret .50 cal. Big Bore Anti-material 12 round Sniper Rifle Equiped with a High Performance, Heavy Duty, High Precision Scope and Laser Sight: ....You had me at the title. This weapon is enourmus, and the power behind it is unfathomable, getting shot by one of these is like being hit by a bus. But the recoil is more than surprisingly low. In that immense barrel is a spring at the back end of it, much like cannons on a Navy ship, and when fired, the barrel moves backward, taking away a lot of recoil, but dont fret, the kick back is still enough to knock you down if your not standing firmly on the ground, or laying down. I garuentee that whatever you shoot with this, is coming off.

Barretta M9 Supressed

The Barreta M9:mstandard issue sidearm with an attached supresser (above picture is not supressed): A light sidearm, only to be pulled out when enemies actually find you sniping, is last defense only. But if you are doing your job right, they wont find you. This would be my weapon of choice because its light and you can attach a silencer on it, so it wont get in the way while you are sniping. Holds a capacity of 9 bullets per clip.

Sniper Double-Edged Combat Knife

Sniper-specific Knife: This weapon is always, ALWAYS useful to a sniper, you would never know when you need one. The double edge allows you to "steel" a sniping position from an enemy (sneek up on a sniper and kill them) because both sides are a weapon. whether to slice a throat, stab a back, ot just to cut a vine to make a rope, this is a necesity to any sniper.

well, this is the first music video iv done that hasnt involved video games. this is on an animated movie (no, not by Disney) that iv seen recently, and thought id make an mv for it. well, enjoy

Edit: also, sorry lol about all the wolf stuff im posting, but when i get bored, wolves come to mind. And this movie, having just seen it, was somewhere in it, so i just went ahead and made a music vid of it.

Regards To The Election

                       I am not racist, but i do believe that many people voted for Obama plainly because of the color of his skin. I do not think that he will make even remotely as good of a president as most people think. He, in my opinion, is just way too young and immature. And he doesn't realise that not everything can be resolved unviolantly. America, the brave, cannot just coward out of wars, which is what i fear Obama may end up doing if  when we end up with wars in the future, we have a name to live up to. The world needs someone to lead it, and honestly, i wouldnt put Obama in charge of guarding a corps from a raccoon, let alone the entire world from itself. And i also think that Obama puts way too much effort on the poor. People who are poor because of disabilities, tragic situations etc. is one thing, but to give away tax payers money to people who are just plain too lazy to hold their own is a whole nother story. People are poor for a reason, life doesnt just "decide" you are poor, you do. And to vote for someone just because he will give money to you out of other peoples pockets is ludacris, Obama is just too inexperianced for my taste. But America has spoken....and whether i like it or not, Obama is in the house now (no mean intended). But with dignity, and pride, i stay true to the republican party. I am with the GOP.

                      Dedicated to that wonderful president lost too long ago, for Ronald Wilson Reagan, i salute you.

                      Apophis-a true patriot.