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i have been a die hard call of duty fan since i first played it the first one in 2004, and i still to this day play call of duty 4, how ever, i have bought the new call of duty modern warfare 2. now what i am about to say about it is, in fact, sorrowful and i die a little inside saying it. i use to love infinity ward for providing the most realistic modern war game ever made, cod4, with its breathtaking graphics, stunning visuals, beautiful gameplay, realistic damage effects ( to a certain degree) and great "war is hell, and satan's our best friend" attitude reminding me so much of me, but playing cod mod 2 hurt so much, physically, that literally 5 minutes before i just signed on livejournal for the first time in over a year i had to turn off this piece of shit game. america, internet, world, hear me, i used to love call of duty, but modern warfare 2 sucks. its so incrediably bad that it stings my eyes playing it and causes my voice to be horse from yelling at the worthless flashy piece of crap. heres how it started, (spoiler alert, but i dont care, read it you assholes dont buy this game)

my brother, my cousin and i came home with this game, so psyched about it that when we brought it to our fathers house for a weekend visit. we were so excited for playing it we actually forgot the Xbox at my house, and we live a state away. we were so pumped for cod mod 2 we actually went through the time to go all the way back to rhode island, 1 hour drive there, cought in traffic, dark out, and raining for visual effect, to my house, break in because it was locked and i didnt have my key, grab the xbox, lug it back to the car, drive an hour back for our forth trip, through traffic, in the dark, while its raining (and also listening to disturbed) just to play the damned game. we were astonished by its awesome incredible graphics, they were truely unreal, while we played multiplayer. after a couples hours of fighting eachother, we tried to tackle the campaign, going on its hardest difficulty as usual. yes, i thought i was in love when i saw its remarkable game play and story at first, but that was before i found it in bed with dirty filthy anti american liberal British cock sucking american hating piece of filth whore that is the new infinaty ward (no offense to Britian, but infinity ward can suck biritsh cock, which it does). we saw it for what it truely was by about the "frontlines are over, uniforms are relics" bullshit line, and i had to have my brother play through the bitch ass level where u play as an american soldier killing hundrends and hundreds of russian citizens with a terrorist group, while under orders to do so from his fucking general!! what the fuck IW?? you bitch! and then, oh the fucking FUCKING part where Russia somehow instantaniously generates an enourmous clone army of Rusky storm troopers, fly a few world war II parachoute planes over into america (cuz its not like theres complications to any of this, its EASY enough just to fly a few million soldiers into america and attack the white house, ANYBODY can do it) and magically lay waste to the washtington DC where my brother himself guards and is stationed as US Army Honer Guard, somehow including killing the president of the united states, cuz its not like he has secret service, honer guard, or body guards anywhere. oh, and did i mention this is the first fucked up CoD game where you dont play as the Marines? yup, thats right kiddies, cod mod 2 basically fucked up everything the others had going, including abandoning all realism and research faster than a catholic would abandon its redheaded retarded misformed baby with incredable down syndrome and a 666 mark of the devil on his scalp. and of course i cant forget, the part that made me turn it off, without finishing it at all, the fucked up rediculious part (FUCK YOU INFINATY WARD, FUCK YOU) where (FUCK YOU) your running from half the russian clone army and (FUCK YOU TO FUCKING HELL!!!!!) america turned evil on us, thats ri(FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)ght, america turns bad, what the (FUCK YOU IW) fuck? (FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!) your playing as the british sgt Roach when all of a sudden general fucking Sheppard himself shoots you in the chest with his retarded desert eagle and that magically meant all of america fights the british? i mean (fuck you you assholes at infinity ward, fuck you sideways with a saddle!) seriously, one general goes rogue and not only isnt executed for attacking his own allied soldiers, but is also followed by every soldier in the country that the US can conjer up, or at least im assuming from what i saw in the next 30 seconds of cinimatics that i couldnt drown out before i turned off the game, kicked my tv set and went strait here. seriously, people of the world, i hope this message gets all over the place, i want people to see how serious i am, infinity ward is one of the america hating mother fuckers in whom every last god damned person and their brother should be kiled horribly in the worst manner of my imagination, and i can imagine quite a bit. did i mention fuck you infinity ward, for destroying my old favorite game? yes, thats right, it pains me terribly to say it, but Modern warfare 2 is not just a bad game, but is the most horribly massacred game in the world. infinity ward and all their america hating ways should go directly to hell, and satans my best friend. from the best of times, to the worst of times, i played through every game Call of Duty had to offer, and through it all, none have been so bad as the sequel to a sequil but not quite a sequil (which is fucking retarded in the first place) people call Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2.

oh, and by the way the multiplayer is actually pretty nice, just to completly fuck with your minds


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Nov. 22nd, 2009 11:25 pm (UTC)
haha that means im going to love this game, it has the great american hating parts i love and lots of massacure.


Dec. 5th, 2009 03:05 pm (UTC)
Re: good
haha? wait was that supposed to be funny or just to make urself look retarded? i dont no if uv noticed but we all no ur lieing, faggot. u dont have a job and ur 12 probly. nobody with any sense of maturity would waste their own time failing at making people angry over the internet. u suck at life, urs truely, apophis-wolf
Dec. 29th, 2009 03:07 am (UTC)
Don't mind me, but:

The Russians sabotaged the United States' early-warning defense systems. Remember the loading screen with all of the international status checks? All of the 'ghost blips' comments? Yeah, that was Russia moving in (mostly) undetected. ACS (Attack Characterization System) module? Remember?

Of course there are complications to doing this. But this was Russia's massive invasion. You know, the one meant to weaken if not pulverize U.S. homeland defense systems? Yeah, they're gonna drop a lot of soldiers. There are A LOT of soldiers in the Russian military. They want retribution for a perceived American attack on Russian civilians, and they're going to commit whatever they can to get it done.

The point is that this shit CAN happen. It DOESN'T happen because Russia doesn't have a good enough reason to try it. They'd lose too much in terms of face and resources if they did. However, MW2 suggests that, given a good enough reason (the U.S. appears to perpetrate a senseless massacre of Russian civilians on Russian soil), such an attack could occur. And if it appears somewhat overdramatized, so what? It's a video game. An interactive movie. They're in it to make the game feel dramatic, glorious, exciting, what have you. Violence sells; dramatic violence sells more.

Now, you'll also want to consider that nowhere did it suggest that the U.S. was the 'bad guy'. It said the U.S. was PERCEIVED as such- however, it was all the work of a single rogue general. U.S. soldiers were basically depicted as Big Damn Heroes in Modern Warfare 2. Defending civilian evacuation points and all that.

But then, you don't sound much like the listening type. Just figured I'd get that off my chest. Ta!
Feb. 9th, 2010 01:24 am (UTC)
Re: Er...
i hear ya man. its just that it cant happen. one, they attacked from the wrong side, how is it that britain, france, and half of europe didnt notive them attacking from the east. plus, we have jets that can break the speed of sound that would take out their planes before u have time to think about how fast u just got raped sideways in mid flight. the mass amounts of their soldiers wouldnt touch U.S. soil before being killed. the game was just poorly written and incrediably flawed. i starting noticing this by the point that i jumped across a canyon on a jetski, picking up fiberglass shields that magically stopped armor peircing full metal jacket antimaterial .50 caliber round traveling at a speed over 1000 miles per hour, duel wielding weapons that suck, throwing knives, sticky-grenades wrongly named semtex which is a plastic explosive designed for ambushes and traps, crappy weapons we dont use....the list goes on lol. thank for ur comment
Feb. 18th, 2011 03:52 pm (UTC)
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