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The Music Video Mainstream

There is a sight hosted by me that holds tons of music videos made by various authors. From time to time i will search for the best out of all the music videos and i will post them on there. I will update the sight as often as possible. To reach this stream of MVs and AMVs, click on the following link: http://community.livejournal.com/apep_mvm/

Absolute conveniance! you no longer have to spend hours of your free time serfing the intertubes for interesting music videos, and for merely requesting a membership into this livejournal community, you could see the absolute best of the best of the MVs and AMVs in the entire world!

Easy-to-find classes of Music Videos!
Look for the "Apophis' Picks" symbols to find my very own personal favorites. And soon there will even be "Apep's Judgement" ratings for each one, allowing you to find the better ones right away and making it easier for you to swiftly sweep your eyes from MV to MV without hesitation!

Put your wallets away! no money is required to become a member, but you do need a Livejournal account. However near-full usage of the site is available without joining; free online viewers are able to see some of the greatest videos in the world, but i save the best for Members Only sections!

Now go out there and find your favorites!