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Yesterday afternoon, Friday, March 27th, 2009, 2:45 p.m. i was riding a bike home from school, and not 3 blocks from my house, i hit a green light, so i stop (riding on the sidewalk, not in street). after a couple cars drove, two finally stopped, signaling to me they were going to let me through, so i go about halfway across the white walk-way and the freaking retards decide to floor their cars, being a four way, the one on my right (really in front sort of) ran a red light, and the one on my left took a right turn at this time, not 2 seconds after they let me go. instantly, seeing this i pedalled as fast as i could to avoid the car, and then seeing the other idiot running the red light, i slam on my brakes (by slam i mean squeze as fast as i could), missing the second car by inches. seeing that the other half-tards behind them are going to follow like cattle with their brains cut in half and motorskills comepetly FUBARed, i had to go as fast as i could not to get hit by them. I narrowly missed getting hit 3 times in one day in this town, now i know for a fact that these people are worse drivers than a bird with his beak bent upward as to block his vision and both his wings broken, removing any remote possibility for it to move the steering wheel. its like Jesus H. Christ, what do they steer their cars with? keyboards? and do they replace their own glasses with in-pointed nails or something? there should seriously be a vigilante group out there slashing tires of every rhode island driver in the state. its ironic that its called rhode island, because nobody here should be on the road. they should in their houses trying to figure out how to place their blocks to make words and the best way to get their toy back from their parents after misbehaving


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Sep. 13th, 2009 01:06 pm (UTC)
Rhode Island drivers
This is the funniest discription of ri drivers i have ever heard! You should fax all tv news stations.

Guess who, my first name is Nelia
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